Friday, June 06, 2008

My Dream about McCain

I had a dream last night and it had the GOP's Boy Holiday Jumpin' John "The Baptist" McCain. Aside from being the first dream I've had featuring a political figure in the midst of a national campaign, or any political figure for that matter, it was weird dream in its own right. For starters, I owned a very large piece of land and an Egyptian style temple in Western New York. Kooky that. We had a good deal of doin's transpirating in the temple. Lots of people running around when it became apparent that a train had derailed on the nearby rails (because there was a rail-line nearby), and the train happened to be Johnny McCain's.

So McCain gets out and is looking around, and takes a scramble up a big mound of dirt we got nearby to have hisself a look-see. I wander up, he trounces on down, and we get to the talking. Train is going to be a while, so I invite all over to the temple for libations and shade. We had a big gladitorial festival beginning soon, and two of the fighters were getting warmed up. Both of them looked like members of the Fat Boys, just with Mullet's and bull's horns on their heads.

John starts talking about how this is indicative of America. Always battling itself, struggling to live up to its image, always doing as much damage to itself as it inflicts on its opponents. We agreed that Tuesday are terrible, but the whole moment came to the point of idealism vs. unwillingness, with your's truly in the former and the candidate select on the back end of the ersus. Our gladiatorials came around, and one happened to be a buddy of mine. I had to yell at him to keep fighting.

I wish the dream had a better ending, but what dreams do? Let me know. I'm voting O! Slow Show, by the National, is possibly one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Since Funeral by Band of Horses.

Busy Busy Busy.