Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reading Cohorts - Robin Richardson

You are so super close now. You are no more days, now only hours from it. Its gonna blow your hair back. Its going to slap you hard on the ass where it is both painful and pleasurable. It's Mental Marginalia. It's tonight. It's at the West Cafe, 379 Union Ave. It's at 8 PM. It's free. It's got Robin Richardson cohorting with us

A hornet drums the lamp, red
clay, dead moth, pike smiling
from the skillet. Jin’s what I’m drinking,
I was raised on robbery. Henri taps
a yellowed thumb against the table
off time. His eyes are closed, legs
crossed, he shakes as he brings
the plastic cup of homebrew
to his lips, says he loves Joni Mitchell.

So will you won't you, will you won't you, won't you join us. Cheer

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading Cohorts - Chris Slaughter

Here we are again ready to passeth all understanding! Keep your hearts and minds multiplied through the knowledge that Mental Marginalia is happening in UNO WEEKO as El Bloombito would say. That's right my perfect brethren of good comfort, we five marginals are offering you benediction next Wednesday's night at the West Cafe for the price of free, so adorn your sacred selves and come join us.

In the meaning whiles, preview Chris Slaughter and let the peace and glory be forever and ever

Reading Cohorts - Paige Taggart

We're on the Gravy Train. The Turkey Gravy Train, but that should not stop you from remembering, marking the calendar, creating an entire memory castle just for storing this one important fact - MENTAL MARGINALIA on 11/30/11, or if you are a Sodurinian, 11/333/IH8^3. You will have a good time. I will make you have a good time. A cheesy flip flips good time. Until then, here is impending cohort Paige Taggart


We charted out these breath patterns on tape recorder.
We ran around kicking and screaming, blue tooth, blue tooth!
Then we swelled really low to the Earth, and impregnated it
with little bomb sockets.
Merely seconds before they were authenticated with a copyright seal.
I kept going around with stickers to preserve my idea, and you, well
you exploded with your own enthusiasm about what happens next.

You can read the rest at La Petite Zine

Reading Cohorts - Christine Kanownik


Surmise quickly the 11/30/11 happening at West Cafe which shall put some hustle in your bustle and an apocalypse on your hips. Seriously, I expect dancing. Your call if you want it dirty. But we finally finished rigging up the new catalytic salt reactor on the roof this afternoon so the HYPE MACHINE is fully operational, and its already kicking out the buzz. First fist up: Christine Kanownik-

How the West was won.

Tyra Banks is a cowboy.
She is in the desert.
When she stands on rocks
They become mountains.
And when she descends
They become canyons.
She spits a little when she talks
And the spit becomes rivers.

You can read the rest of this piece at 42Opus

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Comin At Ya!

Christine Kanownik
Paige Taggart
Chris Slaughter
Robin Richardson

West Cafe
379 Union Ave
Presented by Mental Marginalia