Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here is my penultimate Elephant Word for the year. I took the theme to heart somewhat. I've always loved the process of bognostification, which is the method of creating a new word for the purposes of literary usage and gain. Combining that function with the images Elephant Words presented, with its link to memory (the elephant, if you are unfamiliar with the idiom, is purported to possess an astonishing memory, hence the scene in Amelie).

Here is a link to the image that inspired this weeks story: Discorporeate

wait here. Incorporeality is very likely if we get any closer. If you feel yourself starting to loosen up, a tingling on the backs of your hands or the tips of your fingers, try to start digging into the sidewalk. The pain receptors will help you maintain integrity.

They are going to press the whole world into a book. It’s a hobby. Their eyes, their mouths, salival smacking shut.

Hobbies usually require the expense of that which is seen as inconsequential, the rolling up of the birth certificates of orphans held to the ear to listen for the sound of paper. Burning the last photographs of the last, final, and now deceased members of the families of Napoleon’s soldiers. Leaving the Lionels of a pedophile outside, in a box so the cardboard discorporeates into the cars, warping the tracks.


Rivka Jacobs said...

Hi William,

This story, based on the picture posted by Nick called "Resurfacing" is like a stream of conscience kick in the gut! You use words like musical sounds, but it's modern music like that of Elliot Carter or Penderecki or maybe more, Charles Ives. (Those would be my references, more than rock music.) This one was angry, and the poetry implies the narrator's hurt and pain. But well done.

I hope you'll continue to post your own Elephant Words stories based on the weekly pictures!

William Owen said...


Thank you so much for the comment. Music is a huge influence on my work so thank you as well for pointing out Carter and Penderecki to me.

I'm taking a break from the elephant words stories, but I'll hopefully do another series starting sometime in February.