Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fence books reading at The Kitchen twitter review

So Fence Books, evermore publishers of always the most amazing, most interesting work, held a reading last night showcasing their fall catalog authors: Nick Demske, Martin Corless-Smith, and Jena Osman. Martin I've seen read before, though I forget where. Jena was/is co-publisher of Chain/Chain Links. Nick's name I'd seen here and there, but I'd not run up on his work before.

Here is my condensed soup of a review of the reading via twitter:
The Fence Books reading at the Kitchen was quite spectacular. Jena Osman had an awesome, Flash (the superhero) infused presentation...to go along with her reading of the poem "Mercury Rising".

I really hope she finds a way to post that online someplace. Martin Corless-Smith remains one of the best reading poets I've seen.

And Nick Demske's reading seems a little much at first, but he wins you over with sincerity, humor, and energy.

Bought all three books. I never buy all three books.

If any of you are thinking, "hey, I just don't have enough BOOK on my holiday gift list": http://fencebooks.fenceportal.org/new_titles

Not my past glory of Year of the Hug reviews (The Year of the Hug was dedicated to reviews of live poetry readings), which maybe I'll just try to import all over here at some point, but still something, and the reading was a good place to extricate some peace after what was, in many way, a BIT of a day.

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