Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Editors are wacky people, and they have been, since time immemorial, or 1863, whichever is more your cup of tea.

I have edited Kyle Minor's list below to acknowledge what I have knocked off already, and plan to read the rest by the middle of next year. Thankfully I've got a healthy start on the McCarthy, and planned to polish off his bibliography by the thaw regardless. 2666 is a another I am glad is out of the way (for immensity's sake). I've also read a lot of Tolstoy and most of Tolkien, so there's that.

I have comics I have to review and no fucking time to review them, hence why I am blogging right?

Trying to deduce, over the next few weeks, how to make AWP conference a reality. Anyone who wants to help out, let me know.

Does this seem true to you:
"You have to let the people surround you, and you have to listen, because you’ll never be able to hear the sound of your voice until you can pick it out of the crowd. They will temper your heart because you will never burn as brightly for yourself as you will for them."

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