Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I guess we have titling again...

...despite the fact that there is a black hole somewhere in my head which means I will spending the day as that most ostentatious of failures, the mouth-breather.

I get face-checked on the column of a writer who I am a fan of, My Tony Lee, and his "He's Only a Writer Column". I get face-checked because I am a fan, which is very true. He wrote a column a few weeks back about pitching ideas and stories in the comics world and I've copied, this, parsed out the bits that point directly at me and yell "Get it together pudnut!", and pasted it up on the wall about the desk (which is in the kitchen). Good comic conery to be had all around though, and I got to meet many amazing creators over the weekend in addition to Messir Lee, including Mike Cavallaro whose new webcomic is on the new Act-i-vate website.

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