Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some idiot who calls himself Michael Blowhard has some kind of thing he is writing about, which was linked through this site I check out for work related stuff (am I an ebooker), is honestly some of the most inane rhetoric I've heard, and it doesn't show any actual knowledge of either young people or books. Why do we always have to be blamed for people who can't sell books, or the degradation of values, or whatever bullshit the elderly and senile try to lay on us?

"Oh, the young people aren't reading, they are the worst people ever."

" Oh, this book about why baby boomers are the most important people ever isn't selling well, it must be the young people! Kill them, make them feel useless! Ahhhhhahahahahah!"

I'm going out on a limb here and guess that Blowhard can't sell books because they are poorly written and uninteresting. No one likes stupid boring shit, stop selling it (I am looking at you too Danielle Steel). This is why I hate old people, they think they know something about whatever, but they don't know anything, so they feel ok to say that it applies to everyone in the young category. Oh yeah, and thanks for the greenhouse gases and that national debt. Good call.

Walker Bobby had it right, "Greatest Generation my ass. Tom Brokaw is a punk."

I am 27, and read more than anyone I know, but everyone I know reads. They also play guitar hero, Grand Theft Auto, watch sports, play in kickball, dodgeball, and softball leagues, go bowling, see exhibits at the met, poetry readings at the poetry project, and go to concerts to see everyone from the the Wu-tang Clan to Band of Horses. to the works of Beethoven. We do all of this an still find time to read books, to ask each other questions about them, to set up brunches just so we can swap books.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to figure out how to fix the world the baby boomers broke.

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GFS3 said...

Have you ever seen a naked old person? Dude, they totally rock!

Not to split hairs cause like you're wicked smart and all, but the baby boomers are the children of the greatest generation -- like two different generations! I'm like whoa!

Maybe if you like totally read more you would have you know picked that up?