Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reading Cohorts - Robin Richardson

You are so super close now. You are no more days, now only hours from it. Its gonna blow your hair back. Its going to slap you hard on the ass where it is both painful and pleasurable. It's Mental Marginalia. It's tonight. It's at the West Cafe, 379 Union Ave. It's at 8 PM. It's free. It's got Robin Richardson cohorting with us

A hornet drums the lamp, red
clay, dead moth, pike smiling
from the skillet. Jin’s what I’m drinking,
I was raised on robbery. Henri taps
a yellowed thumb against the table
off time. His eyes are closed, legs
crossed, he shakes as he brings
the plastic cup of homebrew
to his lips, says he loves Joni Mitchell.

So will you won't you, will you won't you, won't you join us. Cheer

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