Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading Cohorts - Paige Taggart

We're on the Gravy Train. The Turkey Gravy Train, but that should not stop you from remembering, marking the calendar, creating an entire memory castle just for storing this one important fact - MENTAL MARGINALIA on 11/30/11, or if you are a Sodurinian, 11/333/IH8^3. You will have a good time. I will make you have a good time. A cheesy flip flips good time. Until then, here is impending cohort Paige Taggart


We charted out these breath patterns on tape recorder.
We ran around kicking and screaming, blue tooth, blue tooth!
Then we swelled really low to the Earth, and impregnated it
with little bomb sockets.
Merely seconds before they were authenticated with a copyright seal.
I kept going around with stickers to preserve my idea, and you, well
you exploded with your own enthusiasm about what happens next.

You can read the rest at La Petite Zine

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