Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Who and The What

Did anyone ever see the old Ghostbusters cartoon, which had to be called The Real Ghostbusters because there was this weird ass cartoon already called Ghost Busters? Anyway, there was an episode where this little old woman was actually a demon named What, and confusion did ensue.

Hence, this. My name is William Owen, and you are reading the Angry Hug. There is spewing fiction here, and some ranting. I am not the 17th Century Welsh pirate. I vaguely resemble a yeti.

Shot Stars is the other places where I try or have tried to build artifacts on the web. Postcard Fiction Collaborative was started by a fellow classmate from Goddard and features monthly short writings derived from contemplations of an image. I need to add in another item here soon for links to the stories I've published as I have been lax.

Brain Churner is a handy way for me to keep links and people whose work I frequently enjoy and want to know more about what they are doing since I am lost in the sea of NYC and don't mingle well without alcohol. Everything else is fairly self-explanatory.

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